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What is Reiki? An Absolutely Effective Alternative Method

What is Reiki? An Absolutely Effective Alternative Method



Who doesn't seek vitality in this stressful world?



True vitality is not just about good sleep, vitamins or exercise. True vitality encompasses the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. This vitality is not without our primordial resource which is energy. We need to find ways to release our blockages and take control of the flow of this energy.

Reiki is a universal wave from which all living beings can benefit.

It is an energy work that is done by laying on of hands to activate the natural healing process.

The world of energy restores the missing link in medicine as in classical psychology between body and mind.








The benefits of Reiki



Using the method of universal energy, it is safe and secure because it involves no manipulation. Reiki is painless and non-invasive. This method is also very effective on animals.

Reiki brings:


reduces stress, calms, deeply relaxes
rebalance body and mind
promotes relaxation, brings peace, joy and serenity
relieves pain
treats the symptoms and causes of diseases
accelerates the natural healing process
optimizes the effectiveness of medical treatment
reduces tension
regulates and dissolves energy blockages
strengthens the immune system
relieves anxiety, suffering and fears
rebalance the emotions
facilitates concentration
increases self-confidence, letting go
eliminates toxins, purifies and strengthens the organs
helps the endocrine system and major organs
supports a desire for pregnancy
facilitates spiritual development
etc ...








What is distance energy treatment?




We call "remote care" a care performed on a physically absent person. When the practitioner knows the person, he "visualizes" (or imagines) the person in his mind. For someone he does not know, it is not necessary to have a photo. However, the practitioner must have the following information: first name, last name, age, where the person is at the time of treatment.

Remote work is very intense, it quickly brings a state of well-being and serenity. It happens that the person dozes off during this work, which makes it possible to recover and release deep tensions.

Reiki acts on different levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Through this work, there are great reliefs in physical pain and psychic discomfort.





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