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How to Purify and Recharge your stones and crystals? Essential Tips

How to Purify and Recharge your stones and crystals? Essential Tips

So many people wonder what to do with their stones and crystals!


There are many different ways to purify and recharge your crystals.
These techniques vary from person to person. It is for this reason that I suggest that you make your own experiences and prefer the technique that suits you.










But first, what is the difference between purifying your crystals and recharging them?


The stones and crystals that pass from hand to hand, in stores, or even when you receive guests at your home, are immediately marked energetically by all those who have handled them. Also, a process of purification and recharging can be judicious. As a general rule, do not hesitate to recharge and purify your stones!

It is therefore a question of purifying its parts as a first step in order to then recharge them.












This action allows a negatively charged stone to reset. The stone will thus be able to realign its internal flows. The smaller the stones and the more exposed to negative energies, the closer and longer the purifications will have to be.







Purification by water:

Simple practice, it is a question of either passing your stone under water for a few moments after use, or placing it in a glass of water for a few hours. This technique is easy and usable for almost all stones. Few are those that cannot stand water. (Selenite and celestite are among these, see the works on the hardness of stones). The softer the stone, the more likely it is to crumble on contact with water. Note that it is better for the stone that the water is of good quality,
source or downright demineralized, just to avoid deposits on it.







Purification by salt:


Simply submerge your crystals in a bowl of coarse salt for several hours or overnight. Choose unrefined salt. Know that the salt you use for purification will only be valid once, since it will have absorbed the bad energies!

Be careful, like purification with water, that with salt can be banned for certain minerals which could deteriorate on contact with it. Here are some examples:

Lapis lazuli;





Purification by burial:


This is a purification that may be necessary in the case of a very very negatively charged crystal, or a depleted or broken crystal. It will then be a question of burying it in a corner of the ground (preferably a place
calm and pure) and leave it there for at least a day. To bring it out, it is interesting to ask for its agreement. He may ask for more or less time before agreeing to come back.
Sometimes a crystal never wants to come out.






Purification by frankincense or sage:


For this, light incense or sage, you can pass them over each stone as well as around yourself. Then sit down and call forth the energy of the crystal masters and clearers. Ask them to cleanse, purify, transmute all negative, incompatible, unnecessary energies/charges from your crystals, all of your crystals in your home, and transform them into light energy. May your crystals be restored to their original state of purity. That all unnecessary, incompatible memories/programming be erased. Allow time for the work to be done. When you feel this is correct, ask for all of these crystals to be recharged to their maximum intensity. Then you can thank the masters, the cleaners for their presence and their work or even ask that they program your crystals according to your personal requests.








It is possible to use other techniques such as:

✦ sounds (mantras, singing bowls)
✦ energy symbols (Reiki symbols, flower of life, violet flames)
✦ essential oils
✦ etc



It is important above all to follow your own intuition and your communication with your stone(s). It is up to you to find your preference according to your beliefs, tradition or affinities!













After having radiated, the natural stone exhausts its energy capital and needs to be recharged. Also, it is necessary to put your stones in contact with powerful sources of natural energy. When the minerals are used during demanding meditative or spiritual practices, the unloading of the stones can be particularly rapid.

Natural light is a particularly effective source, be it sunlight or moonlight.








Charging in the sun:

In principle, the stones of the lower chakras (root, hara, plexus) will have a preference for sunlight. The yang energy of the sun will restore their strength, their power, their original brilliance.
You can therefore expose them for a few hours or a day to a beautiful bright sun. Natural daylight is sufficient, but the brighter the sun, the faster and more powerfully the recharging will take place.

Note that this method of recharging is not recommended for all lithotherapy stones. Some do not support the sun at all and risk tarnishing, spoiling and losing their energy. This is the case for example of Amethyst!

Here are some examples of minerals that can be recharged in the sun:

Rock crystal ;
Red Jasper;
Eye of tiger ;
Smoky quartz.






Reloading at the moon:

Conversely in the sun, it will be the stones of the upper chakras that will have the preference of the yin energy of the moon. You can put your stones outside one night, preferably on a clear night to welcome the direct energy of the moon, at best on a full moon evening.

To recharge your crystals, all you have to do is place them on your windowsill during a Full Moon night. The next day they will be fully charged and ready to use!

Here are some examples of stones that can be recharged on the Full Moon:

Lapis lazuli;
Moon stone ;






Reloading on a heap, druse or crystal geode:

You can also recharge your stones by placing them for a time on a cluster or a druse of rock crystal or in an amethyst geode. Rock crystal is said to be more neutral than amethyst, which will bring its more spiritual energy to the crystals. For stones that you would only use at a physical level, it may be more interesting to place them on a rock crystal druse.






Là encore il existe bien d’autres méthodes de rechargements

✦ plaque tesla
✦ émetteur d’orgone
✦ reiki
✦ méditation
✦ etc.

A vous de trouver votre préférence! …







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