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Owner-therapist: Marika

*Reiki Master Usui
*Lecher antenna
*Stones and crystals tips


The name La Vie et Compagnie has inspired me from the very beginning. First, since it obviously refers to LIFE in all its splendor. But also to everything that surrounds it: energies, animals, plants, subtle bodies, human values ​​etc.

For my part, a phase of illness will have been very profitable. This forced moment made me see that there were other means of healing. It then became obvious to me that I wanted to share this find as much as possible around me. I decided to set up my own business and put my personal touch to it by offering energy treatments to people who are open-minded or not. I made it my mission to benefit as many humans and animals as possible and to promote this extraordinary method of healing.

Stones and crystals have now become a staple in my daily life. So I share with you all my findings concerning this love of minerals.




The store