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Our history


Owner-therapist: Marika


*Reiki Master Usui
*Lecher antenna
*Stones and crystals tips



Stones And Crystals Store / Pickup In Store By Appointment / Energy Care For You And Your Pets Through Reiki
The name La Vie et Compagnie has been a source of inspiration since our beginnings. It not only represents life in all its richness, but also everything that gravitates around it: energies, animals, plants, subtle bodies and human values.
Our journey began at a critical time for health, a time that revealed other pathways to wellness and healing. Faced with this revelation, it has become imperative for us to share these discoveries with the world. This is how La Vie et Compagnie was born, a company dedicated to bringing energy care to everyone, whether they are open-minded or not. Our mission is to touch as many human and animal lives as possible, by spreading these extraordinary healing methods.
We quickly integrated lithotherapy into our care offer, thus making stones and crystals an essential part of our daily lives. We are delighted to share with you all our exciting discoveries in this field.
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