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Lithotherapy: Discover The Incredible Powers of Stones

Lithotherapy: Discover The Incredible Powers of Stones


What is lithotherapy?


Lithotherapy has become popular in the use of semi-precious stones for healing purposes. More and more people are looking for this alternative to enjoy its incredible health benefits. Although not a scientifically valid drug, it is a viable option for achieving the wellness you need.



It is known as an alternative medicine treatment. It uses the powers of stones to stabilize our body and mind. The operation of lithotherapy is based on the placement of stones or crystals directly on the chakras, to create an energy balance and bring greater well-being.

However, it should be noted that the use of stones in lithotherapy does not mean curing diseases. The stone and crystals are based on providing support or supplementation through protection against negative energies.




The benefits of lithotherapy and its stones


The benefits of lithotherapy are many and varied. The healing powers of the stones have been linked to mental and physical ailments; according to this, the crystals are sought to treat the main ailment that afflicts the person. Here are the advantages it offers you:


Reduces stress levels and mental and physical exhaustion.
Fights sleep disorders.
Stones and crystals can help restore lost energy or heal negative energies.
The vibrations of the stones can influence your emotions and promote a positive mood.
Improved concentration and memory.
Strengthening our body system.


To take advantage of its benefits, it is common for lithotherapy to be applied in Reiki, because it is based on the method of universal energy.







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